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Most people spend more time and are far more invested in purchasing a new car than their life insurance. Once they buy their policy, they sit back and forget about it.  However, like a car, an insurance policy requires ongoing maintenance.

As the stock market’s bull run extends into its seventh year, investment advisors are increasingly looking to hedge funds and other low-correlation alternative asset classes to generate alpha and diversification for their clients. According to data from BarclayHedge, total assets managed by hedge funds increased 46% from 2010 to 2014.

Most advisors are familiar with the benefits of life insurance as a vehicle for transferring wealth, but few realize how attractive it is from an internal rate of return (IRR) perspective. Often advisors’ perceptions of the costs and IRR potential of life insurance are based on outdated information about policy design and performance. That is why we encourage advisors to revisit the potential benefits of life insurance as a tool for high-net-worth clients to not only transfer wealth, but also to build and protect wealth.

Life insurance can be an important piece of a well-crafted wealth transfer strategy for high-net-worth clients. By removing assets from the client’s taxable estate, permanent life insurance can significantly increase the amount of after-tax wealth parents and/or grandparents can pass on to younger generations.

No one understands the importance of planning better than business owners. Delivering projects on-time and on-budget for clients requires a tremendous amount of planning and communication.

Unfortunately, too often business owners don’t apply the same rigor to planning for the future of their own businesses as they do when planning for clients’ projects. Failing to plan for life after the founder or current owner(s) can have serious financial and emotional consequences for the business owner, the owner’s family and the business.

Premium financing for life insurance can be a powerful tool for high net worth clients’ estate planning and wealth transfer goals. But like any tool, it needs to be used properly to create value. Capturing the benefits of premium financing requires a firm understanding of the risks and potential rewards.

Premium Financing: Harnessing the Power of Leverage

It’s no secret that planning for long-term care (LTC) is an important consideration for Americans as they approach retirement. Almost 70% of people turning age 65 will need some form of LTC at some point in their lives, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

On August 6th, Matthew Pressler, Director of Advanced Markets for M Financial Group and Steve Hamilton, Director of the Advanced Consulting Group for Nationwide Insurance Company provided an update regarding current planning trends and legislation within the life insurance industry, delving into the key role M Financial Group plays. During this discussion, the two shared the following highlights from the 2014 LIMRA Advanced Markets Conference held at the Peninsula Hotel earlier that week:

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