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Negotiated Underwriting

Many believe life insurance companies work solely from medical impairment tables created to help underwriters make formal offers for life insurance. In fact, the story can be different. Over many years, we have worked to establish a reputation within the industry and with the carriers and underwriters with whom we work built upon three factors:

  1. It is a fact that affluent individuals tend to live longer than those of dissimilar means, though who share a like medical history. The reasons are many, but an improved lifestyle, diet, education and access to and use of health care, all work to their advantage. GFG has extensive experience in working with affluent clients, although our mix of clients is broad. This experience tends to improve offers we receive for all client submissions, regardless of net worth, as our carrier relationships understand and appreciate our process and clientele.
  2. Before submitting a formal application for coverage, we typically collect medical files from our clients’ healthcare providers and forward along with a cover letter we compose that summarizes our clients’ individual lifestyles, fitness routines, diet, travel and other factors that can play a significant role in each underwriting decision.
  3. We electronically submit preliminary (informal) applications for coverage to many companies (often a dozen or more) as a matter of course. We collect the underwriting offers, utilizing the best received to initiate an auction to advise each carrier of improvement needed, motivating them to reconsider and often enhance their offers. This creates a best-in-class scenario that may ultimately result in lower premiums for the final insurance product(s) selected.