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"I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food."
- W. C. Fields

Family Wealth

What does estate planning mean to you? How does it integrate with your financial and investment planning, your wealth transfer and charitable objectives?

How would you like your professional advisors to operate? We work closely with trust and estate attorneys, accounting professionals, trust companies, wealth managers, private bankers, and family offices to provide you the benefit of accumulated knowledge and wisdom to assure maximum preservation of private capital.

The ever changing economic environment, business outlook, tax legislation and stock, bond, and real estate markets, coupled with change in your personal life all work to make estate planning an ongoing process rather than a single event. Utilizing life insurance to both create and preserve private capital provides a sense of security about how future dollars can contribute to funding future plans.


Overall economic changes occur nationally and globally, affecting life insurance carriers, their investments and business operations. To monitor and measure the effect such changes may have on capital maintained within life insurance policies, GFG employs a customized process that can enhance the performance of your life insurance portfolio. Originally developed through its affiliate, The Insurance Design Center, LLC (IDC), we provide a written report on a periodic basis to our clients and their advisors offering an in-depth analysis since the policy’s inception.