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"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there."
- Lewis Carroll

The Corporate Client

Ultimately, all business owners must decide the manner in which their business will continue, what their own long‐term individual contributions will be, and the optimal direction and strategy to execute. If your business has not yet developed or communicated a plan for business continuation, you are missing the opportunity to protect your business from potential loss in the event of an unexpected incident or catastrophe.

While financial considerations are often the primary focus, philosophical and emotional considerations also play a vital role in the approach and design of a plan. GFG works with you and your professional advisors to identify areas of concern and opportunity and provides solutions to help bring certainty to the future of your business.

It is difficult to find and retain talented employees. Too few entrepreneurs utilize a structured executive benefit program to recruit, reward, and retain top people. We help business owners to identify the risks and opportunities inherent in these special executive plans. For those plans in existence, we introduce funding that strengthens the initiative. For those currently funded, our proprietary review process offered through our affiliate, IDC, helps to ensure capital committed to the program is used wisely.